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Holiday at last! The most wonderful time of the year for many people is the holiday season. Time out from the daily grind. Away from the hustle and bustle, and stress. Straight into enjoyment! However, during the high season, the most popular holiday destinations do not escape the hectic pace and stress. Holiday destinations and regions attract millions of tourists every year. So that holiday guests in cities as well as skiing and walking resorts can reach their desired destination quickly and, most important of all, safely, public transport - touristic transport - is being used. AXESS creates controlled access to holiday fun with its access management systems. Quick, safe and efficient.

Transport of tomorrow

Cable cars, the transport of tomorrow, are being preferred in cities to ease the traffic on streets and public transport. This has clear advantages: They are environmentally-friendly and soundless. We, as an innovative and forward-looking company, are supporting this trend with state-of-the-art access systems and efficient ticketing management. Because it is only if everyone pulls together that the visions for the future will become a reality.

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Efficient: Ticketing & access control for touristic transport

Axess systems enable flexible tariff models and an exact, performance-based deduction based on time or frequency. Axess system modules can therefore be found in many areas of public and stationary traffic. RFID tickets, barcode tickets and 2D barcodes on a smartphone are the norm for professional ticketing.

Best Practice: Touristic transport in Venice

Axess provides more than 100 Smart Gates NG with the option Flap paddle arm (“Innovation Award 2012” of Salzburg Economic Chamber) for more than 30 landing stages which enable a barrier-free and comfortable access to the main transport in Venice, the “vaporetto”.


  • Overhead (mounted upside down) installation is perfect for surviving the floods of “aqua alta”
  • Increased width of entrance for tourists with luggage
  • Flap Paddle Arms to avoid dodgers

The Axess Smart Flap Gates are perfect for public transport. The efficient and comfortable access system prevents the widely practiced phenomenon of “fare dodging” as early as in the station. Without a ticket, it is not possible to use the desired transport.

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Touristic transport

"We are very confident that the 'new gates of Venice' will be the beginning of further projects of this type and size for Axess".

Oliver Suter, CSO, Axess AG

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