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The independent genius - no more power and network cables

Choose the position of access completely freely? The new gate can be set up wherever you want! Not a dream, but now a reality!

The unique combination of the AX500 Smart Gate NG, the Mobile Pallet, the battery pack and WIFI offers complete freedom in the choice of placement. The Mobile Pallet is equipped with castors, so it can be quickly and easily brought to any location. If necessary, multiple access can be created with two or more gates, which can be rearranged or enlarged at any time. This procedure offers the organizer a multitude of possibilities and thus constantly creates new combinations.

The additional Axess WIFI module is equipped with the powerful Axess SMART SCANNER 600 reading and control module for wireless online operation of an AX500 Smart Gate NG. The gate can be operated without power lines. A 24V lithium battery with a charging capacity of 40Ah supplies the gate with power and enables an average operation time of 10 hours. This additional module provides even more flexibility.

Of course, as with all other gates, the additional module Turnstile Panic Asymmetric can be attached, in which the bars move into an "emergency position" if necessary, thus enabling guests to leave the site quickly and safely. The gate can also be equipped with the turnstile ADA to ensure wider access for guests with special needs or Flap Standard, Flap Paddle or Flap Glass.


Latest Projects, Events, Research & Development activities and News from the World of Axess.


One Ticket for All Activities

In 2019, Super-Besse was the first winter sports resort in the French Massif Central to decide to redesign its swimming pool to turn it into a modern and friendly fun and adventure pool. Thanks to this renovation, guests can be received all year round in the future.


New product from Axess: Access only possible with a face mask and without fever

The new module for all access control systems: A sensor measures the body temperature and a camera detects whether a protective mouth-nose mask is worn. Only then will the gate open.


Bank of China ski pass

Together with Axess, the Bank of China has launched a new major project in winter 2019/20, which enables customers to access several ski resorts with a single ski pass and thus spend a varied day in the snow.