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Uludag: Modernization by Axess

The Uludag ski resort is located in the Marmara region, only 35 km from the megacity of Bursa. With a slope length of 28km it is one of the biggest in Turkey and enjoys a constantly growing popularity.

The first ski resort in Turkey, whose name means "mighty mountain", has equipped its access system with hardware and software products from Axess. Uludag is managed by a total of 9 cable car partners who together operate 22 ski lifts. Up to 20,000 guests per hour can be transported to the summits.

In April 2020 Axess received the order to replace an existing system. The old system mainly worked with barcode tickets, which meant that the operators had fewer options and could not offer visitors the flexibility to buy a variety of tickets, single rides tickets or season ticket. To improve the overall system infrastructure, the existing 18 points of sales were reduced to 8. At the same time, online ticket sales via the Axess WEBSHOP started. The user-friendly software from Axess makes sales easier for the employees on site and provides a live report for the resort partners at any time.
Cameras at the gates provide control and protection against ticket fraud. With their help, image data of guests is stored in the system and compared with the people who enter through a gate. To prevent cards from being passed on, the current images are compared with those of the first access. People who use a wrong or invalid card can be easily identified and the respective gate can deny access.

In the entire ski area 46 AX500 Smart Gates NG Turnstile were installed. A sensor at the gate detects that a person is approaching and opens it. The sensor again detects when a person has passed through and closes the gate. In this way the access systems enable completely contactless passage.
In addition, 10 Axess SMART PAD 600, 8 Axess SMART PRINTER 600 and 3 Axess PICK UP BOX 600 have been installed.

All products were delivered in June and configured directly on site for two weeks. At the beginning of December, all systems will go into operation. This will not only make the ski resort more modern, but also safer in terms of Covid-19, because the systems from Axess will minimize long queues at checkouts and large crowds in front of a gate. This means that contact with strangers and therefore the risk of infection can be kept to a minimum.

The online store was opened in September to boost sales of season tickets for the coming season. Due to constantly occurring cases of fraud, the ski resort was not able to sell season passes or point tickets with their old system. With the new Axess LANE CONTROL MONITOR, as well as the online store, fake tickets will no longer be a problem in the future.


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