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Since the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russia's winter sports jewel Krasnaya Polyana is constantly improving. The latest addition to the resort: an all-in-one solution for ticket sales, rentals and ski lessons by Axess.

The big stage

Just over an hour's drive east of Sochi, the venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics, lies the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort. The resort was opened in 2009 and expanded for the games with investments worth billions. After the 2014 alpine ski races were held in the region, Krasnaya Polyana developed on all levels and became a winter sports resort with exclusive hotels and 30 kilometres of modern piste facilities. But it is not only the slopes that are at the highest level.

Modern access control by Axess

For the digital turnaround at Krasnaya Polyana, they asked for a customised system that would unify all varieties of ski resort management.

"The resort wanted an all-in-one solution for the software. Ski pass sales, rental and ski schools should be able to be managed centrally by one system in the future. The challenge was to integrate the whole thing into the existing customer web solution," explains Kirill Brunin, who was responsible for handling the project with his team from Axess Russia.

Only three and a half months after the start of the implementation, the delivery and installation of the system was already completed.

Satisfied ski area operators & ski guests

The advantage for ski resort management is obvious: all sales as well as the organisation of all sub-areas in the resort now take place with significantly less effort and a much better overview. This saves time in everyday life, allows for more effective management and reduces costs in administration.

But the new system also means a big plus in convenience for ski guests. POS sales points have been installed in all hotels, all rental stations and at the valley stations, making it possible to book ski tickets as well as lessons and rental equipment more flexibly.

Easy access & Organic Card

With the digital tickets purchased - or printed out at the PICK UP BOX – guests glide contactlessly through the also newly installed 34 Smart Gates. Those who print their ticket also get an environmentally friendly card in the form of the Axess BARCODE CARD ORGANIC, which is made entirely of paper and can simply be disposed of in the waste paper container after use. An example of how digitalisation and ecological commitment can make a difference.

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