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Wether it’s the next wave or new mutations, the coming winter season brings some uncertainty for cableway operators. The conditions affecting ski operation can change up to the last second. The Axess COVID CERTIFICATE CHECK system ensures that the ski season is operated in accordance with the law.

Digital Check of Health Certificate

The Axess solution guarantees that only guests with a valid ticket and a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) can pass through the gates. The actual ticket sales process remains unchanged. This means that cable car operators/resorts can sell tickets to theis guests using all the usual sales channels. The only difference is that tickets are issued in an inactive state. They must then be activated by guests with their EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC). Only then can they be used at the gate. This activation process takes place in a self-service procedure at the POA "Point of Activation". The Axess SMART SCANNER 600 serves as such a checkpoint. Guests scan their ticket and afterwards the QR code of their EUDCC. The ticket is activated by a valid certificate. Configuration options allow rules to be defined and adapted to changes during the season, e.g. period of validity, etc.

Activation via the Activation Portal allows guests to conveniently activate theis ticket online. Guests enter the ticket/sales number and upload the EUDCC QR Code for verification. The system then activates the ticket according to the defined set of rules. Handheld devices such as Axess HANDHELDS can serve as additional and flexible "points of activation". Of course, the ski ticket can also be purchased and activated at the cash register. The EUDCC is scanned by the cashier and the ticket is activated. Alternatively, the cashier can visually check the EUDCC an then activate the ticket manually at the POS.


Проекты, события, исследования и разработки, новости из мира Axess


Mountain Planet 2022 - Mountain Development Fair

Every two years Grenoble becomes the global center for mountain professionals. "MOUNTAIN PLANET" is the largest international mountain trade fair and since 1974 the hot spot to exchange experiences, present new developments and discover potentials. Axess will be there in 2022 with a very special „booth“.


KICK-OFF in Freiburg | new Europa-Park stadium

The German Bundesliga soccer team SC Freiburg has a new home. In 2021, the Europa-Park Stadium opened after three years of construction. Axess provides smart software for stadium management and the access system.



Даже после Зимних Олимпийских игр 2014 года Красная Поляна, жемчужина зимних видов спорта России, продолжает развиваться всё дальше и дальше. Последним новшеством на курорте стало универсальное решение по продаже скипассов, прокату лыж и бронированию занятий в горнолыжной школе.